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Establish KPI’s.

Benchmarks for your marketing strategy

Make sense of your marketing analytics with our data-driven recommendations. Digitalise helps you establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) and use them to make better decisions for your business.


Set Up Tracking Codes.

Analytics tracking added for your convenience

Setting up analytics tracking for your website with Google Analytics is one of the most important steps of your marketing strategy. At Digitalise, we’ll ensure that your tracking is well set up for marketing success.


Integrated Dashboard.

One easy-to-use dashboard

Marketing analytics will help you understand your customers better. From how users interact with your business and the intent behind their searches to your conversion rate, advertising costs and search engine rankings – everything is on one dashboard.


Reporting & Consulting.

Data-driven reports & recommendations

Our monthly reports will help identify trends faster for your benefit. Our reports will provide you with recommendations for enhancements to your services based on what will deliver maximum ROI for your marketing budget.


We have one dashboard
for all your online data

As a data-driven marketing agency, we make a point of communicating our results with you. Digitalise delivers reports at regular intervals, complete with key performance data and other insights & recommendations.

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Analytics & Reporting

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