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CRM Consultation.

Finding your ideal CRM software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software enables you to scale your business with greater efficiency. During your consultation, Digitalise will assess your business needs to determine which CRM software is best suited for your sales funnel.


Website Integration.

Connecting your website to a CRM

Having a website that is conversion-friendly and generating more leads is invaluable. But without a CRM, you might be missing out on revenue and growth. Let us connect your website to a CRM to keep track of useful customer data.


Recommend Process &

Helping you with sales pipeline success

A properly integrated CRM enables you to create stages of the sales pipeline, set up template structure as well as create and manage a sales flow for deals. Digitalise helps businesses turn a blank software setup into a setup that reflects best practices.


Template, Triggers &

Marketing & sales automation

As your company scales up and you generate more leads, it’s vital to reduce redundancy and create a system that leverages the leads in an efficient, streamlined sales process. Let us develop a sales funnel that makes your processes highly efficient and accessible.


We automate your sales
processes for business efficiency

Our Website Developers & Digital Strategists use cutting-edge technology & best practices to grow your website traffic with CRM Software.

Other Services

Call Tracking

Web Design