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Intelligence can be described as the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge, solve problems, adapt to new situations, and learn from experience.


Analytics & Reporting

Benchmarks for your marketing strategy

Make sense of your marketing analytics with our data-driven recommendations. Digitalise helps you establish key performance indicators (KPI’s) and use them to make better decisions for your business.


Conversion Optimization

Using an effective CTA

Improving or integrating new call-to-actions throughout your website is a great way to increase conversions. As digital marketing experts, we know what type of call to action best works for your business and the best way to integrate them across your website.


Live Chat Solutions

Enhance your customer experience

Keep your business efficient, and your clients happy. Live chat is a stress-free way to help customers in a mutually convenient manner. Whether you choose to manage your own live chat or an AI Chatbot, our team will gladly help you.


User Experience

Designing your creative direction

Successful web design projects begin with a creative approach meeting, which sets the foundation for how your website will look and feel. Your website style guide will incorporate your font, colours, graphics, patterns, images and overall theme.


Careers & Culture

Display your careers & job postings

Craft a well-designed careers page with job opportunities optimized to target the right audience. Digitalise simplifies and accelerates your hiring process with job postings on your current website.


We help your business
attract employees & clients

A well-designed career page helps you appeal to potential employees and can help you build trust with clients. Showcase your job postings and workplace culture with a custom careers & culture page on your website.

Other Services

Analytics & Reporting

Conversion Optimization