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Call Tracking

Call tracking is a method used by businesses to monitor and analyze phone calls made to and from their organization.


Define Requirements.

Call conversion tracking requirements

Before you can get set up with call tracking software, you’ll need to have an active Google Ads account, a website and a phone number. From that point on, our digital marketing team will create the necessary tags to track all your calls.


Setup Infrastructure.

Call tracking implementation

Getting you set up with call tracking is a simple process. There is no need to change your number to tie it to your marketing campaigns. Digitalise will add call tracking to your site, set up your tracking goals and connect marketing campaigns to your number.


Performance Tracking.

One easy-to-use dashboard

Marketing analytics will help you understand your customers better. From how users interact with your business and the intent behind their searches to your conversion rate, advertising costs and search engine rankings – everything is on one dashboard.


Improve Advertising ROI.

Using data to increase your return on investment

Call tracking provides a great overview of when most customers are calling you and what they see before picking up the phone. This helps you better plan out your day so you never miss an important call.


We help you track
any marketing campaign

As a data-driven marketing agency, Digitalise helps you find out what ads and web pages customers are viewing before they call you. We will set up your call tracking system to enhance your marketing efforts.

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