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How We Used Influencer Marketing to Generate Over 10K Engagements for MTV’s Hard Seltzer Launch Case Study

How We Used Influencer Marketing to Generate Over
10K Engagements for MTV’s Hard Seltzer Launch

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The Opportunity

Last year, Steam Whistle and MTV came together to make something unlike any other —Juicy Shore, a new full-flavoured, low-sugar, hard seltzer rooted in pop culture (AKA a party in a can).

For over 20 years, Steam Whistle has been known for its classic and delicious Pilsner. Now moving into the ready-to-drink category, Steam Whistle needed an effective marketing strategy to create awareness and excitement about its new MTV Hard Seltzer.


Steam Whistle came to The Influence Agency to help launch this fist-pumping, GTL-inspired hard seltzer across Ontario via an influencer marketing program, working with a diverse and unique set of influencers across TikTok and Instagram. The ultimate goal was to stop the scroll.

The Outcome

With an extensive in-house influencer database, our team reached out to a wide variety of content creators in the Greater Toronto Area. No surprise, we had a lot of interest as everyone was eager to participate in this nostalgic campaign!

We secured one macro influencer and six micro-influencers across the lifestyle and food categories to produce video content for TikTok and Instagram. The influencers were encouraged to create unique and engaging videos showcasing how they enjoy an MTV Hard Seltzer while encouraging people to visit their local LCBO to try it themselves!

Each influencer received a fun promotional box that included the MTV Hard Seltzers and fun swag like hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, and more. Promotional boxes are a great addition to any influencer marketing campaign as they allow you to create an experience with your product for the influencers while providing them with props/products to include in their content. It’s a win-win!


We also selected one influencer to host a giveaway to increase awareness and overall engagement. Giveaways are an excellent way to generate more buzz around your brand/product while also growing your social media following!

Here are a few examples of our top performers and the content they created for this campaign:

The Results

Now let’s jump into the results!

190K+ Organic Reach

250K+ Organic Impressions

10K+ Engagement

6% Engagement Rate

All in all, the MTV Hard Seltzer influencer marketing campaign was a huge success! The content was strong, and the results were even stronger. We were so glad we were able to contribute to the huge success of launching the new and delicious MTV Hard Seltzer into the Ontario market. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them!


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